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Hareem Shah really discloses? who allowed her inside sensitive Office.

Hareem Shah -Queen of Tik Tok short-video-films, recently came under headlines due to filming in sensitive area at Islamabad, revealed on sunday, who  allowed her , inside the Foreign Office.

According shah, it was a “high ranking government official” who allowed her inside the Foreign Office where she recorded a video and took multiple pictures.

Tik Tok star expressed her point of view while using her official Twitter account , in video, she requested the people to avoid any speculations over or assumes things on their own.

The Tik Tok star apologized for sitting in the prime minister’s seat inside the Foreign Office.

“I was passing by the Foreign Office when I got to know that the foreign minister is there. I’m a huge fan of his and he is like a father to me,” she said. “I wanted to meet him but unfortunately he wasn’t there hence I took some pictures and made a video in the waiting area which went viral,” she added.

“Please stop saying things that may prove difficult for my mother or sister if they have to go out tomorrow for any work,” she said.

Soon after the release of video message, Hareem experienced, friendly, unfriendly and unended series of messages. You may read here.

The cost of being a public figure, sometimes, you have to pay, regardless you are on wrong side or right one. However, hareem knows better, how much , she has paid off. She is brave and came back with new Tik Tok. Unstoppable Hareem Shah!!. Wow!!

Updated on 8:28 pm PKT | Mallahpost

Sources: Hareem shah’s social media Account

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