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The Safe City Projects: help citizens to be disciplined and live fearless life – Lahore enjoys benefits

The Safe City Project (SCP), introduced by Huawei in Punjab capital city Lahore, has helped in reducing traffic violations by more than 50 percent and crime rate 40 percent besides bringing the police response time to less than 5 minutes from 25.

“This is a great achievement; the safe city projects are really beneficial for the society, multi-national companies, giving sense of security to foreign tourists. We are really encouraging to take the safe city concept to a further stage, as are also many other cities that can enjoy the same kind of benefits,”

said President International Media Affairs of Huawei Guo Fulin while taking to a group of journalists at the company headquarters in Shenzhen.

“This is a great project, which not only helped police control crime and traffic violations, but also provide footage for producing as evidence in the court of law.”

Founding Chief Operating Officer of Punjab Safe Cities Authority Akbar Nasir Khan

“We are giving about 40 to 50 footages to police for producing in court daily after the amendment in the law which made video footages admissible as evidence,” he said adding the footages had helped police solve the murder cases, providing instant relief to innocent.

“Pakistan with more than 200 million people had a great market for 5G technology.”

Guo Fulin says

Answering to US sanctions on Huawei, he said “we are absolutely against all the sanctions put on Huawei, because no sanctions should be put in without any valid evidence. According to the rule of law, you are innocent until you were proven guilty.”

“Huawei was declared guilty without proof and these sanctions on Huawei are absolutely wrong. We encourage the US administration to take immediate action to get rid of all these sanctions, this kind of sanctions by US Administration in somehow is also violated the rule of law which was treasured by every country, US was famous for the name of respect the rule of law,” he added.

Guo Fulin was of view that the US sanctions against Huawei had brought positive impacts instead of negative ones.

Guo Fulin said “There are a lot of US administration officers who have mentioned Huawei’s name in their twitter and media statements. In the past, we were only popular in the ICT industry, not even know by the many of the media, , now you see Huawei brand is not just known in ICT sector but also in other territories. Either is politicians, investors, people work in legislations, they all know about Huawei. We enjoy the free advisements.”

To another question, he said the 5G should not be politicized as it was not any nuclear weapon but just a technology.

When asked banning of Android system, he said Huawei had made substantial contribution in Android system and it was number one contributor in android system even more than Google itself.

“Huawei has a lot of dialogues with Google. The current ban is not beneficial for many of the industry players, Huawei will definitely cooperate with Android with Google, if the US government not allows Google to open the certain part of service to be used by Huawei, and we would have our capability to develop those system without any doubt,” he added.

“We have very good relationship with Google. We still take the cooperation with Google as the first priority, in case if the US government does not allow Google to cooperate with Huawei, we will have our full capacity to develop our own system. Our past 30 years’ record has demonstrated our ecosystem can be built, once Huawei committed to do something, so far we have never failed,” he claimed.

About Pakistan, he said Huawei had been providing services and products for customers and partners in Pakistan for 21 years, adding “We have 1, 500 employees and created 25,000 jobs, paid 43 million USD tax which made us number one taxpayer in ICT infrastructure sector in 2018. In 2019, we plan to expand the business and create 1,000 new jobs.”

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Sources and images courtesy: Youtube, Huawei and APP

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