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Pak Govt.’s Efforts: Pictorial Story of Kartarpur Construction

Guru Nanak Jee’s 550th Birth Celebrations are set, pictures sound well.


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the opening of the Kartarpur border crossing ahead of the three-day event Nov 10-12, thousands of Sikhs from North America, Europe, and India, including India’s two-time premier, Manmohan Singh, are expected to visit. Sikh Community around the globe welcomed and thanked to goodwill gesture of government of pakistan, enabling the constructions of Kartarpur corridor to be completed, in record time.

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan has also appreciated the efforts of concerned officials, ” I want to congratulate our government for readying Kartarpur, in record time, for Guru Nanak Jee’s 550th Birth Celebrations,” Imran Khan wrote.

Islamabad and New Delhi last November agreed to open the crossing that connects Pakistan’s northeastern Narowal city to India’s eastern Gurdaspur district.

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Sources and Image courtesy: PM’s social media account

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