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Exposed database of Camgirls sites, Users privacy is at a high risk.

Exposed database of Camgirls sits puts all users privacy on high risk

World is already facing database leaks causing millions privacy on high risk. These leaks are great concern for cyber security agencies. And of course, on reveal, private seconds of your internet surfing, personal life goes unwell , when your close circle knows about your browsing and log in activities. Isn’t it? Be careful.

Latest incident of Camgirls’ exposed database, could be particularly damaging for both porn site visitors and sex workers.

As per Engadget, “Black security researchers have discovered that Barcelona’s VTS Media left a database for its camgirl network (including sites like unprotected for weeks. The trove included months of logs for millions of people, including their usernames, IP addresses, viewing habits, private chats and even passwords from failed login attempts. Some account details also escaped for account workers, Condition:Black told TechCrunch.”

The database, which mostly included users from Europe, was locked down last week. It’s unclear yet if who accessed the database. An email to VTS Media bounced, so the company’s stance on the issue isn’t clear.

As per analysis of Engadget over database exposure at 3Fun’s dating service, the camgirl site exposure isn’t just a potential security risk. The viewing habits could be used to blackmail people worried their more socially conservative peers might learn about their sexual preferences. If there’s an upshot, it’s that the disclosure has revealed potential privacy issues. Would users be comfortable knowing that VTS is logging their ‘private’ conversations? However the company has been making use of that data, the exposure is a reminder of what could happen if that info fell into the wrong hands

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Sources: Engadget

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