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Google News: You may read news stories in two languages of your choice.


Today, more than 60 percent of people around the world speak and consume news across two or more languages.

If you are bilingual , want to read news stories in both languages in order to enjoy and keep updated world of words or to satisfy your internal solemate.

And if that’s the case, Google now has your back. Google has updated News for Android and iOS with support for displaying stories in two languages with just a single feed. You could keep up with both American and urdu news, or even use the same language to keep tabs on news in different countries.

The approach is now available in Google News’ language settings for 141 countries and 41 language variants. This won’t be a complete help if you’re a full-fledged polyglot who speaks three or more languages, but it beats having to use multiple apps or the web to get a more complete picture of the news that matters.

To activate this feature, navigate to your language settings in your Google News app.  

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Updated on: 10:01 am PKT | Mallahpost

Sources and Images courtesy: Engadget and Google

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