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Hong kong Police officer shot a masked protester at point-blank range.

Hong kong Police officer shot a masked protester at point-blank range.

A Hong Kong police officer shot a masked protester at point-blank range while activists set another man on fire after dousing him in petrol as a fresh round of violence erupted across the city today. 

The masked man was critically wounded by a gunshot in Sai Wan Ho as wild scuffles broke out this morning after the city’s 24th straight weekend of protests. 

In footage broadcast live on Facebook, a Hong Kong policeman drew his weapon as he scuffled with a man at a blockaded road junction, with a second protester advancing towards them in a bid to help his comrade.  

That masked protester appeared to take a swipe at the officer’s pistol and just moments later the policeman opened fire at him, hitting him in the torso.

Today the critically wounded man was having an operation in hospital, sparking further anger at alleged police brutality in Hong Kong. 

On top of that, another man was badly wounded after he was doused in petrol and set on fire after feuding with protesters in separate clashes at Ma On Shan Plaza. 

Horrifying footage of the attack showed the man arguing with Hong Kong protesters and telling them ‘you are not Chinese’ before he was splashed with fuel and engulfed in flames. 

The man managed to rip his shirt off and douse the blaze, but was also in a critical condition in hospital after suffering severe burns.  

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