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Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens: new optical design created for the latest smartphones

The US company Moment is mostly popular for their smartphone lenses and accessories. When you take a look at Moment’s webshop, you can see they offer already a wide range of lenses for their system.

Image credit: Moment

They have 1.33x anamorphic lens, 18mm wide lens, 58mm telephoto lens, macro lens, and Moment even already offers 170° FOV fisheye lens in their portfolio. Now, the company is announcing another fisheye lens.

Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens

The new Moment Fisheye 14mm (full frame focal length equivalent) Lens features an entirely new optical design created for the latest camera phones (like the Pixel 4, iPhone 11, One Plus 7, and Galaxy S10). According to the company, the lens includes a unique, bi-aspherical design that uses 15% more of the image sensor than Moment’s fisheye 15mm (previously called Superfish Lens).

Image credit: Moment

With the bi-aspherical optical design, the image should be sharp from edge to edge. The front of the lens is slightly curved to support this new aspherical element.

The field of view is the same as the previous Moment fisheye lens at 170°, which is 30% wider image than the 120° found on ultra-wide phone lenses.

The company claims, that this lens is sharper than the ultra-wide phone lens and works in Night mode (the ultra-wide does not).

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Via, Sources and image courtesy:Cinema5D and Moment

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