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The BBC has launched App for young people experience the positives of being online

The BBC has launched BBCOwnit App for helping young people experience the positives of being online. This is a great approach of BBC towards digital wellbeing of youth.

image courtesy: BBCOwnit

Kensington Palace which is official account of British Royal Couple Prince William and Princess Kate, tweeted along with message of Prince William.

Image courtesy: BBCOwnit

As per video message, ” Three years ago, i set up the Cyber-Bullying TaskForce and Challenged Industry leaders to think about how technology can form part of a solution. I am really pleased that BBC is rising to that challenge, and helping young people who are using their own phones for their first time to experience the positives of being online with the BBC Own It App. Getting children to make connection between what they are doing online, how it makes them feel and how their actions might affect others, is so important, and can only be good thing for childern’s digital wellbeing and mental health.”

Image courtesy: BBCOwnit

When you visit the BBCOwnit , you see lot of informative blogs and a helping desk for guidance. This is good effort. Well done BBC and Team!!

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