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China made mandatory facial identifications for Mobile users

The China is a world leader of Facial-recognition Technologies. China is using this technology for making strong surveillance system for their citizens. The Security Agencies are taking benefit and were able to identify and capture culprits from 60,000 crowd in past.


China is as determined as ever to link real identities to the digital world. By December 1st, anyone signing up for a new cellphone or cellular data contract is required to not only show their national ID card, but submit to a face scan to verify that identity. It’s ostensibly meant to reduce fraud, but it also reduces your ability to use phone services in an anonymous way — it’ll be that much easier for the Chinese government to control unlawful acts.

As per BBC, Jeffrey Ding, a researcher on Chinese artificial intelligence at Oxford University, said that one of China’s motivations for getting rid of anonymous phone numbers and internet accounts was to boost cyber-security and reduce internet fraud.

But another likely motivation, he said, was to better track the population: “It’s connected to a very centralised push to try to keep tabs on everyone, or that’s at least the ambition.”

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Source and Image courtesy: Engadget & BBC

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