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Facebook is in action against ILikeAd, -alleges ad fraud

Facebook went court in California, to drag ILikedAd Media International Company Ltd. and two individuals for their alleged acts; continued since 2016, which goes against community Standards and Advertising Policies, according to company’s statement.  

As per the release of facebook issued on Dec 5, “The defendants deceived people into installing malware available on the internet. This malware then enabled the defendants to compromise people’s Facebook accounts and run deceptive ads promoting items such as counterfeit goods and diet pills.”


The company further explained the alleged actions as ” The defendants sometimes used images of celebrities in their ads to entice people to click on them, a practice known as “celeb bait.” In some instances, the defendants also engaged in a practice known as cloaking. Through cloaking, the defendants deliberately disguised the true destination of the link in the ad by displaying one version of an ad’s landing page to Facebook’s systems and a different version to Facebook users. “

In the statement, The authorities of Facebook has shown more commitment towards user’s protection and has assured to take strict actions against these types of schemes and to continue work for safety of users accounts and their privacy.

Updated on 7:51 pm PKT | Mallahpost

Via, Source and image courtesy: Engadget, Reuters and Facebook.

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