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Samsung Galaxy S11: Leaks suggest up-gradation of Camera, and battery

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected in Market with new shape and capability as leaks suggest. Leaks circulates since November. Earlier this week, people were talking about capturing 8K video and Now, considerable battery capacity 5000 mAh and with upgradation of camera.

Screenshot / YouTube

According to Engadget; quoting report of Bloomberg, “Samsung is replacing its camera to include its 108-megapixel sensor, which was unveiled in August and is already being used in devices like the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. The S11 will also host an extra three sensors on the rear, including one lens for capturing ultrawide angles and one with 5x optical zoom. In addition, to assist in augmented reality functions and taking portrait photos, the device is reported to include a “Time of Flight” sensor which bounces infrared light off a subject to help with depth detection.”

Still Samsung has not issued any its version publicly on leaked features, we need to wait to hear confirmation , might be, in next year. We hope for the best.

Updated on 8:30 pm PKT | Mallahpost

Source and Image courtesy: Engadget , YouTube

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