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Google Map reportedly gets soon “Lighting” feature -highlights well-lit streets to walk safely.

Google-giant Tech Company will introduce soon a human friendly feature named “Lighting” to guide users to walk safely through brightly lit streets using Google Maps. 

Screenshot / YouTube

“This is according to XDA Developers, whose experts dug up lines of code in Google Maps beta that indicate such a feature is coming. From the information contained there, it appears that Google Maps will highlight well-lit streets with a yellow color”, per Mashable

The feature is under development and expected to be launched first in India. As, female population of india is facing hard situation in terms of safety while working in male dominated society like other developing countries. It is quite risky to travel in nights for young female workers from working place to home. Recently, country remained under headlines for series of brutal rape cases.

Still, it’s one of those small but potentially life-saving features that makes Maps such a great product. If you’re making your way through a city at night, navigating via Google Maps, you’ll certainly appreciate not being sent into a dark, dangerous-looking alley or even main roads without adequate streetlights. 

Updated on 4:42 pm PKT | Mallahpost

Sources and image courtesy: Mashable and YouTube


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