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The world is slowly waking up to the climate and environmental crisis -Greta Thunberg

Twitter /@Greta Thunberg

On Friday, a young climate activist led reportedly 500,000- people climate change action protest in the streets of Madrid. The protesters – many of them skipping school as part of the “School Strike for Climate” movement – were there to pressure world leaders attending the COP25 conference to take meaningful action on climate change. 

Greta Thunberg tweeted on Dec 7, ” 500’000 people marched in Madrid last night. This is the beginning of change! The world is slowly waking up to the climate and environmental crisis. Soon the people in power can no longer get away with ignoring the science “

“The only thing we want to see is real action,” Thunberg said at a panel on Friday, per Reuters. “So we have achieved a lot, but if you look at it from a certain point of view, we have achieved nothing.”

“We are getting bigger and bigger and our voices are being heard more and more, but of course that does not translate into political action,” Thunberg said.

“We don’t want to continue. We would love some action from people in power,” Thunberg said. “People are suffering and dying from the climate and ecological emergency today and we cannot wait any longer.”

As per Mashable, “Some of her fellow youth activists also had harsh words for the conference. According to Earther, teen activist Vanessa Nakate called out the hypocrisy of the COP25’s sponsorship by the fossil fuel industry while speaking to activists.”

“I think they are being hypocrites,” Nakate said. “They’re pretending. They’re trying to clean up their mess by making us think that they’re helping us, so I don’t really trust in their sponsorship in the COP25.”

World is expecting that World Leaders will pay attention to this serious job as early as possibly and with a continuity.

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Sources and Image courtesy: Mashable and Twitter (@Greta Thunberg)

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