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Google is under investigation for fired 4 employees- Agency spokesperson confirmed

Employees are the asset of companies, where, they nurture and give back to company, and in return, employees get social securities to continue feeding their families. To work in companies like Google, is not less than dream Job. Because, you enjoy freedom of expressions in all matters. But, when such companies compromise labor laws, they come under investigation.

Google’s Sundar Pichai named CEO of parent firm Alphabet
Google’s Sundar Pichai named CEO of parent firm Alphabet

It is reported by CNBC Monday, “The U.S. National Labor Relations Board has started a new investigation into Google’s labor practices.”

Reports suggest that Agency is ready to probe the matter of recently four fired employees who are now named as ‘Thanksgiving Four’, whether Google violated labour laws or not. All 4 employees complained, they are fired because of their engagements in union activities.

The investigation is expected to take roughly three months and be conducted by its regional staff based in Oakland, per reports.

Screenshot / NLRB

A Google spokesperson provided the same statement its been using since the firings of the four employees:

“We dismissed four individuals who were engaged in intentional and often repeated violations of our longstanding data security policies, including systematically accessing and disseminating other employees’ materials and work,” the statement says. “No one has been dismissed for raising concerns or debating the company’s activities.”

The Fired 4 employees has filed a federal complaint to the NLRB last week, with complain the company ‘allegedly’ acted in unfair labor practices.

In last year, a Google employee filed a federal complaint of same allegations that the company restricted free speech and fired him for expressing conservative views. But Google had denied the allegations. In that settlement, Google was made bound to display its policies publically for employees in all workplaces.

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Source and image courtesy: CBCNEWS and NLRB

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