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Google Uses Photogrammetry Approach to see accurate Street View Map

Google has wonderful subsidiary products. Every single product is become most important element of human life. The Google Map is on a leading seat which gives accurate results when you travel in thick populated city or natural reservoirs , first time ever or in routine work. It gives you choice of traveling from dark to well-lit streets and injects feeling of protection like we receive from grandmothers, and grandfathers before leaving home.

Google collects billions of images from all around the world through street View cars and trekkers. As per recent figures, The Giant Tech Company has captured more than 10 millions miles of Street View imagery – a distance that could circle the globe more than 400 times.

Google Uses Photogrammetry Approach to see accurate Street View Map

“Google Earth, platform that lets you browse more than 36 million square miles of high definition satellite images from various providers–covering more than 98% of the entire population–to see the world from above. While these stunning photos show us parts of the world we may never get a chance to visit, they also help Google Maps accurately model a world that is changing each day”, per Google 

Google Uses Photogrammetry Approach to see accurate Street View Map

Google uses athermal cameras which are climate free , capable to capture high-definition imagery from every vantage point possible.

Nine Athermal cameras are fixed in Street View Cars.. Each Street View Car includes its own photo processing center and lidar sensors that use laser beams to accurately measure distance.

The other resource person is Street View trekker, a backpack that collects imagery from places where driving isn’t possible. “These trekkers are carried by boats, sheepcamels, and even scout troops to gather high quality photos from multiple angles, often in some of the hardest-to-map places around the world”, per Google.

The company further disclosed, “In 2019 alone, Street View images from the Google Maps community have helped us assign addresses to nearly seven million buildings in previously under-mapped places like Armenia, Bermuda, Lebanon, Myanmar, Tonga, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe. “

Google uses Photogrammetry Technique to stitch billions of imagery to make vintage view. Photogrammetry Technique was originated in 1900s’. Google uses it with latest innovative techniques that facilitate users for the search locations in possible fast way.

As per Google, “Live View, for example, is a tool that uses augmented reality to show you which way to walk, with large arrows and directions overlaid on top of walking navigation. For Live View to work, Google Maps needs to know two things: where your phone is located, and where this location is relative to the rest of your surroundings. Live View requires orientation precision down to just a few degrees, which simply isn’t possible using traditional tools like GPS signals. Being off by a short distance is fine when you’re driving, but this discrepancy can actually point you in the entirely wrong direction when you’re traveling on foot!

This is where imagery comes in. To see the most precise location possible, Live View uses a new technology invented at Google called global localization that matches up tens of billions of Street View images with what is on your phone to help you identify where you are and which way you should go – all in under half a second!”

Google started Street View project as side project more than 12 years ago. Since then, Street View combined with satellite and aerial imagery for increasing more precision in providing correct view of every corner of world.

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Via, Source and Images courtesy: Engadget and Google

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