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Apple mends iPhone 11 location services controversy with iOS 13.3.1 toggle

Apple has added an option in the latest beta version of iOS 13.3.1 to disable a controversial Ultra Wideband feature in iPhone 11 devices that made use of user location information — even when all individual options for using location services were toggled off.

The issue was first raised last month when respected security research Brian Krebs pointed out a “curious behavior” in the iPhone 11 Pro: There is an option in iOS to turn off location services altogether, and users can choose to turn off select location services individually. Yet even when users turned off location services for all applications and systems services individually, the device would still seek location info.

There appeared to be some system services requesting location data, even when each instance of location services had been turned off. You can see this happening through the location services indicator, an arrow icon next to the time that comes on periodically.

In the following days, Apple responded to Krebs that “this behavior is tied to the inclusion of a short-range technology that lets iPhone 11 users share files locally with other nearby phones that support this feature, and that a future version of its mobile operating system will allow users to disable it.”

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