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Google’s “NOT PINK” Pixelbook Go is ready for sell and shipment

It took three months, but Google is finally offering its “Not Pink” version of the Pixelbook Go. The internet giant has started selling its more colorful Chromebook through its official storeBest Buy and other channels. It’s functionally the same as the black laptop, of course, but decidedly less drab. Just be ready to pay extra for the more vibrant shade. Not Pink isn’t available for the base Core m3 system — you’re looking at a minimum $849 for a Core i5 model.

The Pixelbook Go isn’t the most exciting Chromebook on the market, but it ticks the right checkboxes with solid performance, healthy battery life and a quality keyboard. Most of the complaints simply revolve around the cost. It’s an unexciting design for what you’re paying, and you can pay quite a lot if you want a 4K screen, more RAM or additional storage. This is primarily for Chrome OS fans willing to splurge on their dream system.

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Sources and Image courtesy: Engadget

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