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COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyle- CM Sindh

  Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the threat of COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyle, therefore government is preparing Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for each and every sector, including mosques, educational institutions, shopping centres and other areas of operation for post lockdown period.

“Now, new rules of leading day to day life are developing and in the post lockdown period the life will not be the same as it was in the first week of January 2020, therefore everyone will have to reshape his or her domestic, business, social life.” He said on Monday in his video message released from the CM House, according to a spokesperson to CM Sindh.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that his government had engaged health experts, top government functionaries and social scientists to work out new SOPs for post lockdown period under which people would be bound down to offer prayers, to do business and lead social and domestic life. “But, it is very much clear that the life has changed and now it will be only and only be health-oriented life style,” he said.

Talking about COVID-19 cases, he said the tally had reached 932, of which 253 had recovered that came to 27.5 percent of the infected people and 17 patients could not survive. The CM Sindh said that the number of infected people on Sunday was 881 and 51 new cases were detected on Monday, thus the number of cases reached to 932 till Monday morning. He added that till Monday morning 9,589 tests have been conducted

Sharing good news with the people of Sindh, the chief minister said that the number of patients recovered till Monday morning was 253 which according to him constituted 27.5 percent of the infected people.  He added that at present 662 patients were under treatment in public private hospitals and 342 people were under isolation at their homes.

The chief minister urged the philanthropists to distribute ration with utmost care and must maintain social distancing from the recipients. “If you [philanthropists] fail to maintain social distance from the people you are giving ration they will be infected,” he warned and termed it as a crime against poor people.

He urged the people to ensure social distancing at their homes. ‘I will urge you to keep social distancing from your elders and children because they are more prone to the threat of infection,” he said and added “Your precautions will be surety of the health of your near and dear ones.” The chief minister told the Coronavirus infected or suspected people that they would be receiving phone calls from government offices.

“I would request you to cooperate with them even if you receive more calls from different departments for inquiring your social contacts etc – we all are doing this for you,” he said.

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Source and Image Courtesy: Nation and Twitter

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